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I’m Engaged!

dragoncon2014Well, my boyfriend Mike surprised me while we were on vacation in Atlanta this past weekend and popped the question in front of many of our favorite people at our favorite convention of the year, Dragon Con.

In case you don’t know me, and you’re reading this, I am a huge nerd! But, a lot of my nerdiness, I use for good. Mike and I dress in costume regularly as part of the organizations that we belong to here in Orlando. With these organizations, we frequently attend charity events where we entertain and delight children…and adults…of all ages. Who doesn’t love getting to meet their favorite heroes?!

Anyways, back to the engagement. If you want to hear the whole story, I did a write up on our cosplay website. Our engagement became VERY popular among social networks…how often to you get to see HawkEye propose to Black Widow? lol Enjoy!

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