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USS Haven Star Trek Club Website Launched

Early December I launched the website that accompanies the Star Trek club that I belong to here in Orlando, FL. went live on December 1st and delighted my fellow trekkies.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.25.25 AMAfter the previous website’s design hadn’t been updated for over 10 years, it was still utilizing very simple html and a template system provided by I took the website and updated it to the WordPress platform to make it easier to both manage and to navigate.

You can see the previous site to your left. While the content may have been good, I can guarantee that very few people were actually reading any of it due to the layout, design, and over all feel.

As the Chief of Communications to our club, I have felt that it was really important to move our club forward into the 21st century by beginning with updating the website…in turn, moving into updating even much. Such as increasing our social media presence outside of our Facebook groups, to include a Facebook page, a Google+ profile, a Youtube channel, and a Twitter account. All of these are part of my Phase 2 treatment to the USS Haven.

USS Haven 1A¬†look into the new website…

The graphics were provided by a fellow club member who aspires to do graphic art and lives in Germany. The homepage features a flow of all recently blog posts, a top and bottom level navigational menu, a side bar containing a gallery of photos and a list of upcoming events that our club has, and a welcome that will remain static.

In our site, I felt it was important to let the crew be shown so that they feel important and so that other Starfleet chapters could learnUss Haven 2 more about the people that make up our “ship.” For this, I created my first CPT using the CPT UI plugin. A CPT is a Custom Post Type that will not be added to your original list of blog posts…in a sense, it’s special. This helps with adding new members and only needing to add specific information.

Uss Haven 3Each crew member has their own individual page where they can choose to give me a bio that will be added there. Otherwise, these pages feature a larger version of their profile picture, their name, their Starfleet rank, department or role if they have one, and the date in which they joined the club (which corresponds with the post date).

You can see my interior crew page to the left.

Lastly, there are a couple of category specific pages that I added that include intro material that discusses what will Uss Haven 4be discussed below it. I love these pages because I have always felt that category or archive pages have always been so abrupt in getting you to the information…they don’t welcome you, or give you a backstory before you’re forced right into the information.

The one featured to the right is a page regarding Starfleet membership and what you can get out of it, while the category below lists all of our posts about courses and events within Starfleet and Starfleet academy.

To wrap everything up, The WordPress theme that was used is Tempera. I created a child theme that allows users to be able to still update the theme without it breaking any changes that I made have made to it. All images were provided by our previous website, new photos added since, and those created by a fellow crew-member.

Hope you like it! Please check out the website here:


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