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Relaunch of, non-profit, Guardians of Justice website

Guardians of Justice non profit website re-launch by Tracy R AdamsBack in the middle of 2014, my fiance’ Mike, I and many other costumers in Orlando met to discuss starting a non profit organization for Costumers to do charity for children. Our good friend, Xavier wanted to make an organization that was different the the ones already offered around our area, more inclusive and friendly. While, I have been a council member since our first meeting, in charge of Technology, it took me some time to really begin to take action. With all new-things, we¬†started out thinking that things¬†will function in one fashion, but never really make it there. So, after kind of sitting back and helping when needed for a year, our non-profit organization came down to just the three of us, my fiance’ Mike, Xavier, and myself. This gave us an opportunity to really make changes that made a difference to how we looked, functioned as a group, and managed our events.

On April 9th, 2015, we relaunched our non profile organization, Guardians of Justice, for the better. We implemented an amazing logo that a friend had drafted up for us over a year ago, that, I think, really makes us stand out among the “competition” (or, should I say, the rest of the community). Not only that, I took the liberty of completely over-hauling our website. The original site, which I’m not sad to say that I don’t have a screenshot of, was a combination of drag and drop templates provided by, and were were using an extremely low-resolution photo edit from a member as our “logo.” As an employee of a full-service design firm, I couldn’t stand it, but I knew we could do better. I think that our new site showcases all the important things.


Our homepage shows off everything right off the bat! Below the main banner, you instantly get taken to a small slide show of photos of us with the kids that we work with through charity events. Not to mention, we’re highlighting our newest members, to give them a bit of a spotlight for joining in and doing something good for their community. Lastly, the most recently blog posts are quick and easy to get to without even having to click to visit the blog. Not to mention, how the featured images are displayed, looks really good on this site. Throughout the whole homepage, I tried to make sure to capture the look and feel of our new logo and to look fresh and clean while showing off what it is that we do.



Within the website we also make it possible to see all the members that are involved within our organization. As council members, we decided that we wanted to wait until a new member had participated in at least one event before featuring them on the site. We have the different characters that each member does on display within their profile and a snippet of their application as the excerpt. When joining the Guardians of Justice, potential members must under-go a background check and fill out an application. In that application process, they are asked why they want be part of our non-profit, this, to me, feels really important about why they want to be a member, and that is why I show it on this page. We are also gathering bios on each member to include within their profile, as well.


Our blog is where we are putting all of our newest, up-to-date information, of course. We have upcoming events and we do features on how events went for us. We love being able to share our stories and our photos from the amazing charity events, hospital visits, and local community gatherings. Fellow members help me, as webmaster, out by writing blog posts when asked. I think this makes a difference because you can see things through so many different aspects.

So, all-in-all, I think the free WordPress theme Nictitate by Kopatheme was an amazing fit for our website and I would recommend it to anyone that is trying to put together something simplistic and easy to work with. If you would like to visit our non-profit organization’s site you can click the link here —> Guardians of Justice

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