Tracy R Adams

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Relaunch of, non-profit, Guardians of Justice website

Back in the middle of 2014, my fiance’ Mike, I and many other costumers in Orlando met to discuss starting a non profit organization for Costumers to do charity for children. Our good friend, Xavier wanted to make an organization that was different the the ones already offered around our area, more inclusive and friendly. While, I have been a…

USS Haven Star Trek Club Website Launched

Early December I launched the website that accompanies the Star Trek club that I belong to here in Orlando, FL. went live on December 1st and delighted my fellow trekkies. After the previous website’s design hadn’t been updated for over 10 years, it was still utilizing very simple html and a template system provided by I took the…

Jonnaroo 2011

Back in late May, I launched the Official Jonnaroo 2011 website for my friend Jon Hanson. The event is to help him raise money to to pay for being sued for not having completely-legal karaoke music. The site was designed and coded by yours truely.