Tracy R Adams

Your team could use a girl like me!


As A Co-Worker

From Quina Feldstein – October 5, 2017

(BrandCo – Orlando)

From the moment I met Tracy, I knew she was someone I could trust and lean on. She is direct, honest, and straightforward. Clients love working with her because she follows through with her promises and never hesitates to work beyond normal hours to fix a problem. Tracy has a reputation as being reliable, dependable, and consistent. She is a huge asset to BrandCo and we couldn’t do half of what we do without her. She has my strongest recommendation!

From Andrew Keel – May 8, 2014

(BrandCo – Orlando)

“I’ve worked with Tracy for a while now and I have nothing but great things to say about her. She is very talented, smart, tech savvy and a customer service gem! Tracy will be very successful at whatever she chooses to do.”

From Cesar Abueg – November 16, 2012

(XE Corporation – Orlando)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tracy briefly on various web projects. She was a trusted asset and gets the job done. I wish her much success in her endeavors and look forward to her continued growth and ambitions.”

From Brian deMontfort – July 28, 2011

(XE Corporation Internship)

“Tracy is a diligent worker always lending a hand to anyone needing her expertise. If we ever had a question about anything, it usually went to Tracy because she always provided professional answers or solutions to any problems that arose. Her knowledge of computers is very advanced in both maintaining and creating websites and also in social media channels. I would strongly recommend Tracy and enjoyed working with her. I believe she brought the best out of everyone at XE Corporation.”

From Matthew McGuire Brannon – May 25, 2011

(Best Buy – Gainesville)

“Tracy’s extensive knowledge of all things related to technology is surpassed only by her strengths as a people person. As a colleague of mine for over two years, Tracy was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is constantly going out of her way to soak up as much knowledge as possible to excel in all areas of her job. She is a truly original leader who will roll up her sleeves and get in the trenches with fellow employees. Tracy inspires others and stimulates progress by setting the best example.”

As A Student

From Eileen Smith – October 18, 2011

(University of Central Florida)

“Tracy is an exceptional student whose skills have developed to a professional level. She would be an strong asset to a graduate program or professional team as a project manager or a media producer.”

From Rudy McDaniel – August 21, 2011

(University of Central Florida)

“Tracy was a student of mine in game design and game production. She is a very bright and motivated student with a talent for bringing people together on a team. She cares very deeply about her work and will work hard to ensure that she delivers quality results. Tracy is also very creative and is able to come up with interesting and unique ideas without losing focus.”